Trenchless Sewer Repair

What is Trenchless Technology or Trenchless Sewer Repair?

Trenchless Technology is known by several names such as CIPP (Cured In Place Pipe), Pipe Patch, Pipe Stent, No Dig Sewer Repair, Sewer Re-Lining and more. The Scottish Plumber specializes in trenchless technology utilizing several different methods depending on the need of the client. Both long 80 foot runs or short 4 foot patches and any length in between can be made to a cracked or broken drain pipe.

The true beauty of this system is the fact that repairs can be made without destruction of historic structures, driveways, public roadways, and other sensitive areas such as natural habitats. Trenchless Technology also eliminates the negative impact on your daily life at home or in your business, and does not interfere with the surrounding traffic. Undesirable smell, noise and the environmental impact are also eliminated since there is no excavation or heavy equipment needed.

Trenchless repairs are done in about a day and half and your sewer service is only shut down for a couple hours compared with excavation of at least a week without sewer service saving our clients precious down time for both home owners and businesses alike.

By using Scottish Plumbers trenchless technology methods, you are also reducing the high costs associated with traditional excavation methods of sewer repair. Costs for replacing existing surfaces like sidewalks, pavement, landscape, brick pavers, and sod, etc, are completely eliminated. Only one access point is needed for repairs and most buildings already have an exterior access to the sewer or lateral line in place.

Combine the time and cost savings and you can see why this is quickly becoming the preferred method of sewer repair by both commercial and residential clients, so in a nut shell –the Scottish Plumbers Trenchless Technology SAVES TIME, ENERGY, MONEY AND MESS. The only thing left behind is completely repaired sewer and a 50 year guarantee.