Plumbing Maintenance

Nothing is more irritating than a sewage line backup during the fall and winter months. That is why we recommend plumbing maintenance to prevent backups. Here are some simple, preventative maintenance techniques that will keep your home up and running during the coldest, wettest times of the year.

During the fall and winter months you should definitely inspect your gutters, as shedding trees cause rapid accumulation.  This task requires two people—one to hold the ladder and one to check the gutters and toss out debris.  Checking your gutters is especially necessary if you live in a cold climate as water can freeze in the gutters making blockages even more likely.  Furthermore, ice dams created by frozen gutter water can damage the shingles on your roof leading to expensive water damage.

Often times gutters must be replaced because of leaks or warping metal.  Luckily there are some excellent gutter systems with screens to prevent blockages.  You should shop around when looking at gutter systems because they will vary greatly in price and quality.  It would be foolish to go for the cheapest option, as this is a long-term investment, so buying a top quality gutter system is definitely in your best interest.

Another necessary fall and winter drain cleaning maintenance technique is checking your sump pump.  A sump pump is used to remove water that has accumulated in the sump pit, normally found in the basement.  You should definitely check your sump pump before the winter months to prevent flooding.  To check your pump you must fill your sump pump pit up with water; if the pump does not empty the pit then there is a problem.  If you have a backup battery system then you may need to add water to it.  Usually, there are lights on the backup system that will indicate if there is a problem.

Both of these maintenance techniques can be difficult so calling a plumber is advised if you are unsure of yourself.