Sewer Repair

We know it’s easy to forget about your drain lines and sewer repair until they start to become a big problem.

Unfortunately sewer pipes and drain line problems are usually more than homeowners are prepared for, and that’s where we can help. We arrive and rod out the roots and debris, camera inspect your sewer line and give you options on the most cost effective way to make the needed repairs- all for just $99.

Our specialty is Sewers and Drains. We have the newest technology to solve Lateral and Sewer Pipe cracks and breaks. Our European Pipe Lining Technology is now used by many municipalities nationwide and has currently become available to the residential marketplace. This method of lining pipes is now the preferred method of sewer repair, saving time, energy, money and mess.

The cost is usually 50% less than traditional excavation and pipe replacement methods. Part of the cost of excavation is in the rehabilitation of the yard, driveway, basement floors, and walls etc. that are damaged during the excavation process. None of this comes into play with pipe lining also known as CIPP (Cured In Place Pipe). Plus the whole lining process takes only about a day and a half compared to a week or more with old fashioned excavation.

There are a variety of reasons that could be causing pipe or sewer line problems in your Lake Forest home or business. Our professionals are ready to diagnose and solve whatever sewer problem you may have. One of the most common causes of sewer problems in Lake Forest is roots of trees and bushes which cause damage to lateral and sewer lines. Proper flow through the sewer line may become restricted due to buildup of grease, paper or other waste catching on the roots. Long term neglect of cracked and broken sewer pipes cause collapse due to shifting soil after heavy rains. In all older homes or buildings, pipes corrode and degrade with time, and problematic leakage develops in the joints and seals. When the joints between pipes breakdown sewage seeps out and storm water seeps in, both causing their own separate but equally destructive outcomes. When sewage leaks out, trees seeking nutrients and moisture find the leak and enter the pipe, growing larger overtime causing the pipe to misalign. When storm water seeps into a cracked pipe it causes the system to overload causing raw sewage mixed with storm water to back up into homes.