Bad Toilet Odor

Regular cleaning can get rid of most of the toilet odor in your bathroom but there are probably noxious odors left behind. Do you ever smell that sewer like smell, well below are a few tips to get rid of these offensive smells.

Sometimes the natural cleaners just don’t kill the bacteria. In order to thoroughly disinfect your toilet try generic bleach as the disinfectant. Let the bleach sit in your toilet for about 30 minutes.  Then scrub  and flush the toilet.  If this does not solve the issue then your toilet odor is probably the result of another problem.

One cause of toilet odor is a broken pipe below the toilet.  Call a plumber right away as a broken pipe can cause severe water damage in your bathroom.

Another cause is a crack or leak at the base of the toilet.  This problem is easy to diagnose, as you should notice water pooling around the toilet base. A defective wax ring at the base of the toilet could also be the problem.  The wax ring seals the toilet to the waste pipe below it.  Replacing the was ring is a little tricky so you may want to call a plumber.