Drain Cleaning

Plumbing and drain cleaning is important to your home.

Many Lake Forest residents are faced with drain and sewer problems due to the aging plumbing in their homes. As the pipes age they naturally corrode causing narrow and smaller openings in the pipes, which ultimately cause plumbing back-ups.

One of the most common causes of sewer problems in Lake Forest is roots of trees and bushes which cause damage to sewer lines. Proper flow through the sewer line then becomes restricted due to paper or other waste catching on the roots.


All sewer pipes become susceptible to roots after about 40 years or so because the grout or occum used to connect the pipes degrade, allowing small openings between the pipes. Once moisture and sewage start to leak into the ground nearby trees seeking moisture and nutrients can sense it and immediately send small roots to find the source. Once they find it, the roots enter the cracks between the pipes and begin to grow inside the sewer pipe. The roots are a place where solids like paper towels, tampons, personal wipes, and T.P. snag and in time cause a complete stoppage.


The tree are not the problem, the problem is the cracked or broken sewer.


The Scottish Plumbers No Dig Trenchless Sewer Repair is new and costs only about ½ of what old fashioned excavation, pipe replacement and renovation costs. The Scottish Plumber has the equipment to locate, clean and reline or do point repairs in sewers without leaving a mess. This solution relines the old pipe with a new inner pipe without major excavation and damage to both above and below ground structures and utilities. It involves inserting a resin coated soft pipe into the sewer and curing it in place so that a new pipe forms inside the old damaged sewer pipe.

The Scottish Plumber has the equipment to:

  • Locate underground pipes, Video inspect before and after repairs, hydro jet the sewer pipe to remove all tree roots and debris before re-lining
  • Reline or patch cracked, broken, misaligned, bellied or even missing pipe sections
  • The new pipe lining has a life expectancy of 50 years
  • Most work is completed underground avoiding damage to your property
  • This type of No-Dig Trenchless sewer repair takes about an hour to cure when in place and is ready for your use right away

The Scottish Plumber specializes in sewer and drain repairs and use only the newest equipment to unblock drains, view the cause, carry out the drain cleaning and restore the sewer to it’s original full flow.